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JAWAHER METALS FACTORY (JMF) is a leading company in the metal industries fild (Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper), architectural crafts and decorative diverse and using the latest technologies: Cutting, Welding, Casting, Molding, Turnings, Carvings Cavernous and Embossed using forming and electroplating , the fnishing and quality of termination (Polishing and Installation) to provide a high quality products as contemporary designs. JMF (JAWAHER METALS FACTORY) been founded and established by the businessman Mohammed M. Bakro in 1985. It is started as a specialized workshop serving metals plating which related to jewelery and accessories. In a few years JMF became more capable of all type of electro plating including industrial plating. To become one of the outstanding and unique company in metals feld in the region. In 1997 JMF established new factory at Baghlaf industrial area in Al Khobar and added metal design and fabrication. At present time JMF is considered one of the leading frms in metals works and mainly stainless steel, brass and alomium architecture works.